Altın Çocuk Derneği

Altın Çocuk (Golden Child) Education Culture And Solidarity Association was established on 23 January 2014 in Kütahya / Turkey. Kütahya is a small city which is situated in the western part of Turkey. After A small number of voluntary ladies considered the orphans situation and got together for the sake of Allah. After that, they conveyed their ideas to others whose hearts have the same feelings. They made a program in that city and declared their ideas to the people of the city. At the same time they established representatives in every other cities in turkey.
At the end of 2014 january, Mr. M.Ali Koyuncu who is the president of the association and his wife who is a member of the association, travelled to Tanzania, in order to understand how the orphans life is. There ,They met their friend Who is Mr. Mohamed J.M. Mkonongo in the capital city, of Tanzania Dar Es Salaam. Who they started to work and took an appointment from the former second president of Tanzania Mr. Ali Hasan Mingyi. Because he too had a faundation which had already established in the same aim. At that time they negotiated their view about the orphans, and they decided to work together. on those days they signed minutes for cooperation.
From that date up to now, Golden Child had made real thoughts for the charities of the orphanes. Today in Dar Es Salam, Bukoba and Shinyanga, there are five Orphanes homes whom are supported by the Golden Child Association. For 250 orphan children Who have been living there, their expenses of food, clothes, stationary, shopping etc. are stocked fort them four months by the same association. And from that time that became our regulation.
On my last journey in the begining of january we made a decision to built a new orphan home in Dar Es Salam. Mr Ali Hasan Mingyi. allocated a place for this construction building, which is approximately 9.000 m2 in Mukaranga district. Architectural Project was drown and delivered to a consruction company. Now we are waiting the cost of the building from them. İn a short time we will start the building, by the will of Allah.
İn the future what will happen we dont know exactly. But we are on the way. We just know we will work because we can do it, but success is not in our hand, İt’s in Allah’s (God) side which is important. May Allah bestow on us his mercy, and always guide us to the straight path.
We ask Allah to accept from us all the good deeds. Amin